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Onsdag, 8. april 2009 21:53

The term Winchester rifle is frequently used to describe any of the lever-action rifles manufactured in the United States by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, although the name is usually more specifically used in reference to the Winchester Model 1873 or the Winchester Model 1894 rifles.

Winchester rifles were among the earliest repeating rifles, and as such the Winchester name has become synonymous with lever-action firearms. The gun is colloquially known as "The Gun that Won the West", though public perception of its role in the Western Expansion is exaggerated due to the Winchester's prominence in 20th Century fictionalized accounts of that period.


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Onsdag, 8. april 2009 21:46

The Hawken rifle is a specific black powder long rifle, generally shorter and of a larger caliber than earlier "Kentucky rifles." Popular in the early to mid-nineteenth century, the term "Hawken rifle" technically referred to rifles made by Jacob and Samuel Hawken of St Louis, Missouri but was often used generically to refer to a variety of "plains rifles" of the period.

The earliest known record of a Hawken rifle dates to 1823[1] when one was made for William Henry Ashley. The Hawkens did not mass-produce their rifles but rather made each one by hand, one at a time. Many famous men were said to have owned a Hawken rifle [2], including (in alphabetical order): Jim Bridger, Kit Carson, Joseph Meek and Theodore Roosevelt

Although popular with mountain men and hunters of the fur trade era, up through the mid part of the 19th century, muzzleloaders were generally replaced by mass-produced, breech-loading weapons such as the Sharps Rifle, the Winchester Rifle and others.

Characteristics of a "classic" Hawken rifle include:[3]

The 1972 film Jeremiah Johnson starred Robert Redford as a mountain man who used such a rifle, and contributed to general interest in replicas and a resurgence in muzzleloaders among modern hunters, including a model called the Hawken from Thompson Center Arms of New Hampshire.

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